AFCON is a most awaiting cup for African nation but also for the world. The World knows that soccer is the most famous game in the world which almost play in every country of the world. AFCON tournament which symbolizes the importance of football for the African nation. AFCON, is the main international association football competition in Africa. Indeed, football is probably the most popular sport in every African country, although rugby and cricket are also very popular in South Africa. Football was introduced into Africa more than 100 years ago by the British, Belgian, French, and Portuguese colonialists. Africa Cup of Nations 2017
tournament has been played since 1957 and is thereby older than the corresponding European championship. It was hosted by Sudan, and three teams participated: Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia. The tournament has the least number of goals to be scored, as well as the least number of games to be played at any African cup of nation tournaments. The first tournament has been won by Egypt and also we have to know one thing that Egypt leading a most winning tournament. Egypt has won 7(1957,1959*1986*, 1998, 2006*,2008,2010 title of AFCON cup.

Afcon 2017
has got a more fame ever in Africa. The people of Africa are waiting for this tournament intensively. The people of Africa taking interest more and more in every moment or every day that’s why soccer in Africa became the icon of African people. In the past twenty years, African football teams and players have gained a solid international reputation. Today, more than 100 footballers from all over Africa play on first division professional soccer teams in Europe, South America and in the United States.  now we talk about the records of Afcon cup, A less goal did in 1957 Afcon cup just 7. And the most goal has done in 2008 (99).

Last title of afcon which held in 2015, has won by ivory coast and runners-up was the Ghana. The afcon cup of 2015 hosted by Equatorial Guinea.  That was a most exited, interested and valuable tournament for world. Afcon 2015: Ivory Coast players rewarded with a house each after tournament triumph.The 30 editions of the Africa Cup of Nations have been won by 14 different nations. 16 teams had participated in afcon cup 2015.The 30th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the very popular football championship of Africa, gets underway in Equatorial Guinea on January 17.As ever it will attract the attention of the entire world, with millions tuning in to see which of the 16 nations emerges victorious.